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TECO SRL is born in 1995 as a family enterprise for the production of automatic machines plateaux for packaging, corrugated cardboard fruit and vegetables. Now it is the result of experience gained in the context of machinery for the production of cardboard boxes due CARTECO corrugated center operating since 1989.

In fact, the design and construction of machines for forming boxes primarily used within the same assembly center, gave results that led to the start of their activities independent production and sale of machinery for assembling boxes plataux.

TECO managed later become rapidly to become a leading company in the field of packaging for fruits and vegetables. Simplicity of use and regulation of machines allowed TECO also applying in other industries, such as food bakery, dairy industry, poultry and meat in general, and cleaning products (detergents).

Current production includes machines for manufacturing corrugated boxes and compact, making cans 'American' caps and automatic opening laditelor mesh with collapsible walls, and a wide range of accessories for cars to stow and transport lines. TECO is mainly focused on the production of standard solid machine easy to use, but is able to provide customized solutions on request and specifically tailored to customer requirements. TECO has, in fact, a team of design (design) and is therefore the sole proprietor exclusive designs its technologies and know-how.