CORALI S.p.A. is now the maximum quality and guarantee launched on the European market.

Factory is a leading wood packaging sector, well known in Northern Europe and Italy, where demand for equipment is increasingly demanding more sophisticated equipment, choosing the orientation, besides quantity and hourly productivity, using the number of staff employed as lower . It is open to further improvement in terms of application of power systems, automatic selection and control element for making pallets.

In addition to not underestimate the flexibility of line that can produce all types of pallets and change in a fast and precise dimensions of pallets to be made of.

MACHINES AND PRODUCTION LINES FOR WOOD wooden pallets hourly productivity 250 - 4000 To send ooferta more real I want to know:

- the amount you are willing to invest
- Why you want to get hourly productivity
- Number of staff (from 1-6 people)