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Olimpia Chiodatrici

was born in Sant'Agostino in 1960 and is part of a strong rural area,immediately specializing in the design and manufacture of machines for packing fruit and vegetable. In 1970, he realizes the first machine for the production of pallets and the first alternating simple automatic machine. The versatility of the company is reflected in the adaptable machines of its production range, final products, as well as arrangement possibilities. Not to forget is that on this purpose, Olimpia Chiodatrici has projected and created full automatic lines to produce special pallets for both Italian and foreign big societies.starting from this and feeling the necessary of modernising itself. All products manufactured by the company are CE marked and include the Certificate of Inspection of the electrical system according to CEI A 602,041 Today, the company Olimpia Chiodatrici operates in the European market, while continuing to innovate and to preserve the initial values on which it was born: The objective of Olimpia Chiodatrici is to offer a quality product, durable, able to combine innovation and technology components to create a system that is simple and easy to use by the customer. Nailing lines for wood pallets with theoretical hourly production from 60 pallets/h up to 360 pallets/h of the EUR/EPAL type,pallets with 2 and 4 ways,with wood material according to specification quality and tolerance,composed by:

1.SEMIAUTOMATIC LINE WITH ONE MACHINE WITH ALTERNATE CARRIAGE 2-WAY AND 4-WAY PALLETS consists of the following: Automatic machines Block cutter,Nailing machine with alternate carriage , Turnover device,Chamfering machine,Corner cutter,Branding machine,Rotating platform,Turnover device, Stacker(hydraulic lift to form the stack of pallets),4 metter tape storage terminal for the collection of stacks of pallets built .

2. LINE WITH TWO NAILING MACHINES FOR 2-WAY AND 4-WAY PALLETS consits of: 1.BLOCK CUTTER machine to automatically cut blocks, selects waste and feeds blocks onto the nailing line.Available with pneumatic advancement control for a production of blocks, BLOCK FEEDER BLOCK FEEDER automatic block feeder with pneumatic controlled clamps introducing the blocks onto the carriage of nailing machines in time with the dogs. NAILING MACHINE FOR UPPER PART OF PALLET 24 nails machine to nail the upper part of pallets. TURNOVER DEVICE continuous turnover device between the two nailng machines, NAILING MACHINE FOR BOTTOM PART OF PALLET 12 nails machine to nail the bottom part of pallet CHAMFERING MACHINE machine for chamfering boards forming the base of the pallet. CORNER CUTTER machine for cutting the four corners of pallets. BRANDING MACHINE machine to brand two-way pallets on the lateral blocks. ROTATING PLATFORM machine to rotate pallets of 90 and/or their transport. and the TURNOVER DEVICE machine feeding single pallets or pair of nested pallets ito the stacker, STACKER stacker for single pallets and decks. The stack is lifted and posed on the pallet coming on the chains by hydraulic organs on the sides. 4 METER CHAIN tape storage terminal for the collection of stacks of pallets built

3.NAILING MACHINE FOR DECKS AND TWO-WAY PALLETS Please watch the video of the links below.


NAILING MACHINE with alternate carriage AS 

Semiautomatic line nailing machine with alternate carriage 

Nailing machine decks (SKI)- TSL Series 2014 

Line with two nailing machine 

Transfer OLYMPIA 2014